The Slyness of Dust

November 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

cunningham_bed   Dusting is as irrational as making the bed.

I never understood why it’s important to make a bed (think Sisyphus), unless I have company, in which case I do it hoping they’ll think I make the bed every day.  For that makes me a “making the bed, tidy, responsible” kind of person, the kind whose mother taught her to dust once a week and clean the bathtub after each bath – and who does it. And no, this isn’t some deep, philosophical essay and metaphor for whatever. It’s really about dusting and making the bed, which includes vacuuming for dog hair, mopping and wiping dustboards. Why?

A day or two after I have wiped up as much of that floating, invisible grit as I possibly can, it settles back into the faint film of the irresponsible, lining my shelves with its sly, smiling self.

It’s just ridiculous and annoying and it always wins.

So, friends and companions, I’m coming out: I am not a responsible person. I only dust and make the bed when when I know you’re coming over.

Boy, that feels good.

Photo credit: Imogen Cunningham


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