Dia de Los Muertos: Aftermath

November 1, 2008 § 4 Comments



One leggy marigold droops

its sunface over a candy skeleton

Across the sticky skull

A thin petal reaches into the vacant mouth –  

the taste of bitter ash remains


An empty bottle of tequila gazes

longingly across the altar

Ten cigarette butts, dressed with a fuchsia stain,

refuse him


The basura waits




Pungent fumes, cerveza, tequila, marigold, chocolate

fill the air with la memoria of the ancients


Black, silver and gray
Traveling on carved chairs with straight backs 


Visiting the present forty-eight hours at a time





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§ 4 Responses to Dia de Los Muertos: Aftermath

  • fishclamor says:

    oh yeah, you’re going to self-publish? that sounds like so much more fun than the other route. it’s cool you have a writing partner. i used to have one too and we really cut a rug with our poems then…

    see you around and please make sure to put me on your list of people who want your book!


  • fishclamor says:

    pamela, this inagery is stunning–every line is a tasty morsel! not to mention the overall “news.” thank you so much for writing this.

    do you have a book? i want to read the rest of your poems. on paper. as you intend.

    let me read some more of your poems. flash fiction, prose-poems too. even a short story!

    this poem is amazing. it’s published, yeah? if not i’m sure it will be. send it to ploughshares! send it to the new yorker & the atlantic with its companion.

    i want to read its companion, you know the piece you send with it when you send it out.

    i want to learn to read my senses the way you read yours…

    • You are too kind – I haven’t sent it out yet, but with this encouragement, I will.

      I have a collection of short stories, poems and photos (all the photos by my writing partner,as well as half the other work) that we are in the process or self-publishing.

  • boydshae says:

    This is beautiful!

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