Thank you, Sy.

October 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

firepit   In these recent turbulent, nerve racking and exciting weeks, I’ve come across two pieces of wisdom. 

The first was a simple reminder, by a good friend at Firepit Minyan, to cherish the basic security we have, for, as these economic changes show, we have no guarantee of abundance in the future.

She was reading a message from Dr. Jonathan Mirvis in an explanation of the relevance of Sukkot, who said, In planning our life structure we should strive for it to be as secure as possible. We should do all we can to ensure our physical and financial security, and to withstand the natural elements that threaten our daily existence. However, we should be eternally conscious that existentially our being in this world is temporary and permeable. At any given moment we may be forced to ‘evacuate’, forced to do so by unexpected ‘rains’ from above.”

Its relevance to today cannot be underestimated.

I was newly inspired today when I picked up the November issue of The Sun and read Sy Safransky’s Notebook with this paragraph:

   No matter who’s elected president, daffodils will bloom in the spring. Men and women will fall in love, and sadly, out of love. Inconsolable grief will still be inconsolable. A broken heart will nontheless keep beating one hundred thousand times a day. No matter who’s elected president, writers will write. Painters will paint. Three in the morning will still be three in the morning. The door in our psyche we don’t want to walk through will still be just down the hall. No matter who’s elected president, life will hand us the invisible thread that connects us all; love will hand us the needle.

Thank you, Sy. I needed that.

How are you holding on to hope these days? What has inspired you?


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