Ancient Gods

October 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

   So, I run a small online writing group at (shall be nameless). We focus on prompts since the original writing group has grown too big to manage coherently. The first two prompts generated over 20 short stories each time, and many between 1000-1500 words. Whew!

So, this time I decided to offer something less stressful – the Six Sentence Story. I found some great examples here.

Of course, inspiration is hard to come by and late at night, I get silly.

Ancient Gods

Rumor, fueled by mouth and ear and back again, floated down the corridor and drifted out the door.

Speculation joined Rumor; they built a small cabana on a beach near the lapis ocean.

Desire flew to join them on white gull wings, and suspended by the winds of Anticipation, clamored for Satisfaction.

Satisfaction arrived, and all drank deeply; heads swimming, bellies bulging, they fell atop each other in a stupor.

Soon, they woke, roused by Longing, who was stealing away with Desire.

Rumor and Speculation gave swift chase, leaving Satisfaction and Anticipation far behind.


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